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Touching Lives…

"This program has allowed me to return to work and know that qualified individuals are caring for my daughter."

"Calling them a 'life saver' might be a slight exaggeration - but, not much of one. They certainly have been a 'family saver,' a 'home saver,' an 'ulcer saver,' and most of all a 'job saver' for my wife."

"This program provides a significant financial advantage as an alternative to the most costly Private Duty Nursing or institutionalization that many of these children would otherwise require."
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At The Kidz Club we allow kidz to be kids!

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Welcome to The Kidz Club

Founder Lee Zimmerman opened the first Kidz Club in 1999 in Louisville, KY. It was the first PPEC center created by a health care company in the state. Today we operate six centers, having expanded to Northern Kentucky, Lexington, and St. Petersburg, Florida. Our goal is to provide a less restrictive environment for special needs children while helping their families achieve a more independent lifestyle.

President & CEO Lee Zimmerman and Jody Rogers, VP of Nursing, explain what the Kidz Club does to help children with special medical needs.